About Our Little Haven

About Our Little Haven

Our Little Haven is your child's home away from home. We love what we do and it shows. We are located in Marion, IA and have been nurturing young minds for 6 years.

To ensure a spot at Our Little Haven, we recommend a pre-registration interview and tour with one of our management staff. You may contact the center by calling 319-365-6144. We will provide a registration packet at that time or they are available to be printed by clicking here. We request $65 at the time of registration which also will hold your child's spot in the center. This fee is also renewed every year on August 1st. If you begin in June or July, you will wait until August 1st of that year to pay your fee. We will not make you pay a double payment ONLY if you begin in June, July, or August of the year you enroll.

Our Little Haven has an Open-Door policy. All parents have access to their child at all times. Parents should feel free to contact the center or the child's teacher at any time. Meetings or conferences are able to be scheduled when parents inquire. We also believe that parent involvement is necessary to the success of any child care program. We encourage parents to volunteer any time and talents they may have. Together we will work with your child so he or she is growing, learning, and developing secure attachments. We have the ability to build strong children, strong families, and strong communities to make a better future for all.

For safety precautions, we are a secured building. When your child enrolls, we will give you the key code to enter the building. We ask that only the Primary Adult and Secondary Adult whom are dropping off and picking up will have the code. Children must be signed in and out every day in their room by an authorized adult whose name is on file in our office.

Our Little Haven is licensed by The Department of Human Services. This center meets all requirements of the licensing process. Staffing for the center meets the licensing requirements related to age, education, and adult/child ratio. Staff members are selected based on their qualifications; skills and concern for the health, safety, and development of young children. We provide regular and ongoing training in child development, First Aid, and CPR.

All rates are weekly

Infants (0-12 months) $185
Toddlers (12-24) $185
Twos (24-36 months) $175
Threes $165
Fours, Fives $165
Kindergarten and Up: $100
Summer only (School age): $125
Hourly : $4.00
Daily drop-in $30.00

Yearly registration fee $65.00 - one time per year

Click Here to download the Parent Handbook